Medical Intern Review

The Council of Australian Governments Health Council has commissioned an independent National Review of Medical Intern Training.

Professor Andrew Wilson and Dr Anne-Marie Feyer have been appointed by the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council as the Independent Reviewers. An Expert Advisory Panel has been appointed to provide advice to the reviewers throughout the project.  The independent reviewers are supported by a small project team, based in Sydney.

Response to recommendations in the Final Report

Health Ministers have considered the Review of the Medical Intern Training Final Report.

Health Ministers’ have accepted ten recommendations, accepted in principle one recommendation, accepted with qualification one recommendation and deferred a decision on one recommendation until other changes are in place, not accepted two recommendations and noted two recommendations. Health Ministers’ also noted that two recommendations have been completed.

The response of Health Ministers to the recommendations is set out here.

Final Report 

The final report of the Independent Review of Medical Intern Training was noted  by Health Ministers on Friday 6 November, 2015. Health Ministers agreed that further work on the feasibility, prioritisation and sequencing of  the  recommendations was required.  The Health Workforce Principal Committee through a Working Group consisting of all state and territory Postgraduate Medical Councils, the Medical Board of Australia, the Australian Medical Council and jurisdictions will progress this work. The  COAG Health Council will consider the recommendations from the Final Report upon receipt of this additional advice.  


The purpose of the Review is to examine the current medical internship model and consider potential reforms to support medical graduate transition into practice and further training and to ensure that the workforce continues to be well trained, fit for purpose and is equipped to meet the changing health needs of the Australian population.


The Review will focus on medical intern training in Australia, particularly:

  • The purpose of internship and whether the current model remains valid and fit for purpose.
  • The effectiveness of the internship year in producing doctors with appropriate skills and competencies to meet national health care needs and support generalist practice.
  • The role of internship in supporting career decision making by doctors.
  • Models to support expansion of training settings.

Project Overview

Phase One of the Review will occur over twelve months and will develop recommendations, while Phase Two will consider the impacts of these recommendations on other parts of the training system.   

In developing recommendations Phase 1 of the Review will provide advice on:

  • any immediate changes that should be made;
  • Changes to be implemented within a 2-5 year timeframe; 
  • Changes that would require greater than 5 years to implement; and
  • Which recommendations may have implications for other parts of the medical training system and need to be further considered in Phase Two. 

Phase One of the Review will occur over twelve months.  The initial stage will be supported by a discussion paper and will involve broad consultation including written submissions, meetings with key stakeholders and consultation forums in every State and Territory.  
An options paper will be developed based on feedback from consultation, with further consultation prior to development of final recommendations to the COAG Health Council. 

Further information is available using the links below: 

National Medical Training Survey Workshop

On 25 August 2016, a National Medical Training Survey Workshop was held at the Park Royal Melbourne Airport Hotel. This Workshop was co-sponsored by the Health Workforce Principal Committee (HWPC), the Committee of Medical College Presidents (CPMC) and the Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils (CPMEC).

The purpose of the Workshop was to identify if there was support for a national medical training survey and what would be the aim for conducting national medical training survey in Australia.

There were over 60 participants at the Workshop, including representatives from Commonwealth, state and territory Health Departments, medical colleges, postgraduate medical councils, doctors in training, the Australian Medical Council and the Medical Board of Australia.


  1. Agenda
  2. Background Paper
  3. Summary of Proceedings


National Intern Work Readiness Forum

On 28 September 2016, a National Intern Work Readiness Forum was convened at the Park Royal Melbourne Airport Hotel. This Workshop was jointly sponsored by the Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand and the Health Workforce Principal Committee (HWPC).

The Forum brought together key stakeholders covering the spectrum of medical intern training and education. There were over 70 participants with representatives from the medical schools, Commonwealth, state and territory Health Departments, postgraduate medical councils, doctors in training, the Australian Medical Council (AMC), the Medical Board of Australia and public and private employers.

The purpose of the Forum was to:

  • identify the baseline capabilities and expectations required of medical practitioners as they transition to practice;
  • consider options for assessment of these defined capabilities and expectations;
  • consider  enablers and  barriers to implementation; and
  • explore how information can be exchanged between universities and employers to support the transition of medical graduates to the workplace.


  1. Agenda
  2. Background Paper 
  3. National Intern Work Readiness Forum - Summary of Proceedings

Profile of Independent Reviewers:

Professor Andrew Wilson

Professor Andrew Wilson is Director of the Menzies Centre for Health Policy at the University of Sydney. His past appointments include Chief Health Officer and Deputy Director General Public Health, NSW Health; Deputy Director General Policy, Strategy and Resourcing, Queensland Health; Executive Dean, Faculty of Health, Queensland University of Technology; Professor of Public Health, and Deputy Head of the School of Population Health, and Deputy Dean and Director of Research, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Queensland.

Dr Anne-Marie Feyer

Dr Feyer has more than 25 years’ experience in public health research and policy, with extensive experience providing strategic as well as specialist technical advice to government and industry. Her career has spanned senior academic and private sector roles, including a range of senior advisory posts, working closely with policy makers and service providers on a range issues. Most recently, Dr Feyer has led the evaluation of the NSW Health Chronic Disease Management Program, and provided technical expertise in the development of the NSW Integrated Care Initiative and Strategy recently launched by the NSW Minister for Health.


Dr Linda MacPherson

Program Manager

Review of Medical Intern Training

Tel. 02 9391 9107






14 June 2015

Medical Intern Review Options Paper May 2015

We attach a presentation of findings from our first round consultation and some options for change for your information. This presentation  is designed to inform a targeted consultation process with key stakeholders to inform the final report. This should not be read as the draft or final report.

Documents to download


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